Happy Clients

Smile. I got your back.

Happy clients? I got 'em!

Here's just a sampling of savvy organizations I proudly work with:

Pop the Champagne! Woot! Woot!

"Kim worked with us to re-brand and emcee our very popular annual fundraiser, she was the secret weapon to, in her words, 'zhoosh it up'. And boy, did she ever! 

We count on this event for 40% of our operating budget and Kim delivered in spades. Her no-holds-barred creativity, deep event planning knowledge, meticulous follow through, wide professional network and can-do attitude ensured that our 25th anniversary Comedy Night was something special. And her unparalleled emcee talents were the icing on the cake! With Kim at the helm, we were able to meet our very aggressive fundraising goal."

Former Executive Director, Women's Bar Foundation of Massachusetts


“Miles in Heels’ Golden Rules for Getting Past Hello! was the absolute perfect way to kick off our Women’s Leadership summer experiential experience. Kim is such a dynamic, energizing speaker that the students were absolutely glued to each of her words. It was rated as one of the most effective sessions of the week, setting a solid foundation for the remaining events. The practical materials truly resonated with this audience, and for the rest of the week, I had the privilege of watching the students put their new found networking skills to work, meeting new people, sending fabulous thank you notes, and getting way, way past hello.  I can't wait to work with Kim again, she is fabulous!”

Associate Provost and Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives, Wellesley College

Photography Credits: Todd Miles