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a successful businesswoman with a vibrant financial advisory practice, over 25 years of sales experience, a background in performing, and a serious shoe habit? Kim Miles! A catalyst for conversation, I can start and focus critical dialogue like nobody’s business.

Kim Miles, Keynote, Emcee, Event Strategy, Celebrity Event Planner

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I love being on stage. Growing up I performed in all my local plays, today I sing in a band, and I’ve even tried my hand at stand-up comedy in the big, bad city — all experiences which developed an unshakable confidence in front of, and engaging, all kinds of people.

As a successful financial advisor with a background in sales, I find that my ease with people gives them comfort with me. So regardless of the topic, that level of comfort and authenticity makes conversations fun.

Miles in Heels Productions, Event Strategist, Event Planner

The connections I forge with my clients are what truly put the bounce in my platform-heeled step. And while I love my male and female clients equally, nothing gives me greater joy than making connections with — and between — women. Because, let’s face it: men and women interact completely differently. It’s an irrefutable truth about which movies have been made, lectures delivered, and books written. And it's why Miles in Heels was born.

Having run wildly successful women’s events within my local Chamber of Commerce for more than a decade, I've been inspired time and again by the strength, energy, and camaraderie those events brought out in both the participants and attendees. It is nothing short of amazing, and it's why I knew it was time to point my trademark heels in a new direction — to bring my skills, energy, inspiration, and outrageous fun to the world beyond.

Miles in Heels is the way I combine my passion for connecting people with my unique ability to create a relaxed, convivial atmosphere (like having drinks with your besties!) — the kind of atmosphere where people open up and share. I truly believe it’s a conversation, not a presentation. Miles in Heels inspires the articulation and pursuit of big ideas, by creating communities of talented people whose collective gifts support the goals of the individual.

And if I can generate that kind of energy and motivation while wearing outrageous heels…even better! As an in-demand emcee and motivational speaker, I am hired by organizations of all sizes to engage and empower their employees, students and members. Happy clients include: 

Wellesley College
College of the Holy Cross
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My Mission

I’m leveraging my business savvy, confidence and love of stilettos to change the way women get what they want.

Motivate. Inspire. Empower.

My true passion is working with women who have trouble finding their own voice, or in some cases, the confidence to start down that road to achieve their dreams. 

My ability to inspire women and offer words of encouragement is what drives me to help provide a real blueprint on how to get there. My mantra: “You don’t have to get it perfect; you just have to get it going.” A serial connector, I relate to people in an authentic way and I thrive on motivating them to open up their circles and connect with others.

Over the years, I have built a comprehensive network of friends, fans and followers by producing networking and fundraising events that have received rave reviews and left attendees wanting more. I use my fearless out-of-the-box strategies and propensity for having fun to help my clients pursue their dreams through my various events, workshops and one-on-one training sessions, such as:

Just "Four" Fun


Where can we find you when you aren't working?

In no particular order: shoe shopping, golfing, skiing, or singing with my band!


What makes you smile?

My two nieces, Hazel and Paige. They are delicious. And, hilarious.


Sweet or savory?

Sweet...and then savory. And then sweet, again.


If you were deserted on an island, what is your must have item?

My iTunes library…and a way to listen to my music. I can’t live without music. It’s like air (and, chocolate!)

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