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The Second Chapter Sisterhood

There's Strength in Sisterhood

​​This ain't your mother's "Ladies Who Lunch" club.

Sisterhood = Power.

Power to believe in yourself. Power to draw on the strength and support of others. Power to get out of your own way and try something new.

The #1 most uttered phrase by women everywhere: “If only I could (insert dream here) but I just don’t know how to get started.” Welcome to The Second Chapter Sisterhood! Ladies who lunch (and learn), if you have been thinking about “what’s next,” the Sisterhood is for you. Have an idea brewing for a biz? Empty-nest syndrome staring you down? Career change in the works? Bucking for a promotion in-house? Your existing business need an adrenaline shot? Or just need to open up your circle of peeps? 

Where like-minded women come together to mix, mingle, and mastermind.

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Join The Second Chapter Sisterhood

Join The Second Chapter Sisterhood

Where like-minded women come together to mix, mingle, and mastermind.

Check out our new 'Grab-A-Pal' rates!

So, what's the buzz, buzz, buzz?

"When I recently sold my business, my world suddenly became quite small. Fast forward to one month later: I was beginning to panic about resume writing and my job search. While procrastinating about my resume, I came across a Facebook post about a networking group called 'The Second Chapter Sisterhood'.

The group brought women together in all forms. Some were employed and some were not. Some were in a job transition stage like me. I thought to myself, 'What do I have to lose?' Slightly hesitant, I signed up for just one lunch meeting. Within 5 minutes of meeting The Sisterhood ladies I felt hopeful. The leader of the group, Kim Miles, gave me a warm greeting and I quickly noticed that all the greetings were warm and welcoming. I felt my small world beginning to grow again and after two meetings I have walked away with connections, resources and a sense that my path going forward won't feel so lonely with The Sisterhood by my side. I truly am thankful for this group and I look forward to growing with them."

"On To My Next Chapter"


"The Second Chapter Sisterhood™ helped me create how to truly showcase WHO I am, not WHAT I am.  I am still a mother, a volunteer, a runner/triathlete, but that is the 'what' and not the 'who.'  Now I am so much more confident and comfortable (the latter being the key!) talking about myself: my career experiences; my thoughts and opinions; my goals and aspirations.  I am not JUST the mother of three middle-schoolers, or JUST a solo-practitioner, or JUST a volunteer.  After 14 years of feeling like I am 'just a mom,' I now know I am so much more than that, I am comfortable talking about it, and I realize I really love being me.

"I Am So Much More Than..."

Photography Credits: Rob Carlin