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Hi, I'm Kim.

AKA “the one with the shoes.” Yup. It’s true: the only things I may love more than shoes are chocolate, music, and laughing. Oh, yeah, and my family. (And maybe laughing with my family while eating chocolate.)

The good news is that I have taken all my passion for the above-mentioned and channeled it into running two excitingly successful businesses. I’m a financial advisor by trade and an uber-creative, bursting-with-ideas female entrepreneur by choice.

Over 20 years ago, when I became a financial advisor, I was searching for ways to network with other like-minded, motivated women.  When I didn’t find anything to scratch my itch, I created my own group and launched a movement. Throughout that journey, my many adventures and life lessons proved to me that I had the power and drive to start my own production company: Welcome to Miles in Heels Productions.

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My greatest joy is to be able to harness all my business skills PLUS my creativity and partner with my clients to deliver critical messaging to their key audiences in fresh, unexpected and entertaining ways. As an event strategist, emcee, and keynote speaker, I always create mic-drop moments for my clients.


My reputation as a powerhouse problem solver, kick-a** content creator, and hilarious humorist has served me well over the past 8 years working with all types of organizations and individuals.


When I’m not working, I’ve been known to take off my signature heels only to hit the slopes or the golf course…that is when I’m not rockin’ out with my band! (An excellent excuse to wear leather pants. Not that I need one.)

So, thanks for visiting. Take a peek at all my past and future adventures. And more importantly, let’s connect so that I can help you knock your next project out of the park. If you’re lucky, I might even take you shoe shopping.

Life is short. Wear cute shoes.

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